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Let us take care of the hassle, leaving you enjoy 100% of your trip!

  • Lake Wanaka, South Island
  • Arthur Pass Road, South Island
  • Bay of Island, North Island

A working Holiday Visa is your best chance to get the most out of your trip in New Zealand. Gain valuable experience and discover the most stunning country in the world.

It's up to you! Work as much as you can and travel around the country until your money dries up, rent a car to discover the real New Zealand and stop along the way to work and top up you funds... Whatever you choose, we've got you covered with our Starter Pack.

It's the smart way to start your trip!

Our Starter Pack includes the biggest amount of services at the cheapest price. We've specifically designed it for travellers like you to make sure that it includes everything you need.

Check out all the services included:


Airport transfer
Get from the AKL Airport to your bed, we will give you a map showing you where to go to get your bus and give you a voucher to present to the driver. This bus specially equipped for backpackers like you will get you straight to your hostel in around 45 min. Main features: Bag storage, air conditioning, TV screens.
A taxi from the airport to the city can cost up to NZ$90 !!!
We have included in our Starter Pack 3 night accommodation in a 4share room. It's then up to you to book as many nights as you want at the front desk. To find out more about the features of your hostel just click on the tab « facilities ».
Travel Adaptor
...with Surge Protection. Because power is important for all those little things like your laptop or e-book, this adaptor converts USA, UK, Japanese & European power plugs for use in New Zealand and Australia.
Note: This adaptor does not convert voltage. If your appliance is dual voltage, make sure it is switched to 240V, if your appliance is 110V only you must use a transformer.
Phone number + 1 week credit
To look for work or make new friends, you will have to be connected. We will give you a SIM Card with New Zealand's biggest and most reliable network, and your 1st week combo for FREE. We've also got you some good deals on Phones in case you would like to get a new one for your adventure.
Features: Flexible Combos, biggest network coverage, cheapest calls on the market.
Job Workshop
Finding a job in New Zealand is easy enough, but with our tips and advice it will be a piece of cake. During our extensive work session we will go over every aspect of the job search: Assessing your skills, creating a powerful CV, writing a convincing cover letter, where to look and how to look for a job in NZ, presenting yourself and a great deal of interview tips. It's an interactive session that will really give you a head start for your job search. On top of that we offer you daily support on our Job Workshop. Average time to find your first job: 1.5-2 weeks.
Bank account
Starting with the right bank when arriving in a new country is critical, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of changing banks in the middle of their trip. We will open your bank account in a Brand Name Bank in New Zealand, in fact it has the most branches in the country, making it very easy for you to access your money wherever you are. Our Starter Pack is entirely customised, we will give you your Direct Debit Card (EFTPOS) or a Visa debit card, your choice. A Visa debit card is not a credit card, it only has the visa function that allows you to pay online, rent a car...
Internet access
Let's be honest, Internet is the greatest invention of all time! Nowadays you could not do anything without it. In New Zealand it is very common to pay NZ$4 per hour and they still pay by data usage. With our Starter Pack we provide you FREE access to internet to look for work or give news to your family. We will also go over the most important New Zealand websites that you can use everyday during our welcome session at your arrival.
IRD Number
The IRD Number (Inland Revenue Department Number) is mandatory to get any job in New Zealand. This is the single most important thing that you have to do in order to start working in New Zealand. We will take care of the paperwork for you and deliver it to you quickly, we'll also go over all the mandatory paper work during our welcome presentation.
New Zealand CV
Every country has a different way of presenting a resume (CV) and New Zealand is no exception, let us help you get a resume that will be successful. During our very complete « work session » we will help you create a powerful resume and a convincing cover letter, but wait, that's not all, we will also give you advice on the best way to find a job in New Zealand, help you to assess your skills and prepare you for any interviews.
Storage of your documents
There is nothing worse than loosing your documents while travelling, that's why every document you will send us will be stored on our servers. In case you loose them, we will give you a digital or physical copy in no time and help you recover or reissue them. It helps a hell of a lot for renewing your passport for example. We are nice people, not Big brother, when you leave the country, we'll ask you if you want us to delete your documents from our data base.
Welcome package
Great travel guide, lots of vouchers, a few maps, tonnes of discounts... this package is full of good stuff. During our interactive introduction we will give you this full package. It also includes a bit of paperwork that we will fill in together. Don't scramble around for good deals or offers, they are all in our welcome package because, well... we've been around too.
Introduction to NZ & Auckland
We invite you to a 2 hour interactive welcome presentation where we will go over everything you need to know to have a great time living, partying and travelling here in New Zealand. Don't miss out on anything around, find the right accommodation for you, we have all the tips you need. It is a very fun and informative session and a great way to get together with travellers like you and share your experience. We will also take the time to activate your cellphone and do a bit of paperwork together.
Skytower entry
At 328 metres, it is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and offers breathtaking views for up to 80 kilometres in every direction.
Your entry includes: 182 metre Sky Lounge café and bar, 186 metre Main Observation Level and the 220 metre Sky Deck.
Discounted price on Travel
We have negotiated the best deals with the major travel companies in New Zealand. From a simple museum ticket to a year long bus pass, we went everywhere to get the best deal from each company in New Zealand. Not only have we worked out the best price, we've also tested them to give you our objective view of their services. Because you're already a Working Holiday Starter Member we will make sure that you get the best deal available.
Mail holding
We know that even if you travel you still need to be in touch with the world. The average backpacker has 4 different addresses during his or her year here, not easy to get your mail forwarded. Get all your mail sent to our office and receive an email from us each time « YOU GOT MAIL ». Then you can come to pick it up in our office when it is convenient or we'll arrange for it to be forwarded quickly to your current address or to your next destination. It's easy as.
And much more
We can't highlight it enough: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Whatever you need, our funky team will do it's best to help, we are your reliable contact down here in New Zealand.
If you're looking for a flat, if you need medical attention in your language, if you need a tax refund, if you need tips to buy a car... just ask us, we have the answers to your questions, and if we don't, we surely know who will have them.



Only NZ$499
with 1 month FREE Luggage Storage! (value: NZ$60)

No hidden fees, no strings attached

  • Arrive in New Zealand with no stress. You already know where you will sleep.
  • Have someone to turn to whenever you need objective and reliable information or if a problem occurs. We will be here for you all trip long.
  • Save time and money, no need to walk around the city for weeks to sort out your bank account, phone number, accommodation, ... everything will be done for you prior to your arrival.
  • Feel safer, your bank account will be open before you land in New Zealand, transfer some money and avoid carrying a lot of cash. We also have a list of reliable doctors, immigration lawyer, embassy, ...
  • We will help you to get a job quickly by giving you the tools you need to get a head start.
  • Get help from backpackers that really know what you need.
  • Our Starter Pack is the smart way to start your journey in New Zealand.

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